Wednesday, 8 February 2012

KSEB sub engineer kpsc 2012 sample question 1

Model Question (1) on KSEB SUB Engineer (Kerala PSC)

1.The breadth factor of a 3 phase ac winding is about :
     (a) 0.96                (b) 0.7
     (c) 0.5                  (d) 0.85
2.In a non – salient pole synchronous machine the distribution of mmf   
   around the air gap is?

     (a) Rectangular Wave           (b) Sinusoidal Wave
     (c) Stepped Triangular Wave  (d) Flat Topped Stepped Wave

3.The principle of working of a transformer is?
                                  Mutual Induction
4.Iron loss of transformer is measured by?
                                  Low PF wattmeter
5.The secondary distribution transformer must be?
6.The secondary of a current transformer is never?
                                    Never left open circuited
7.A transformer will have zero  regulation at--------------- power factor?
8.A humming sound is produced in a distribution transformer due to the?
                                     Vibration of the core
9. The rating of transformer is expressed in?
10.The core of transformer is made of?
                                      Silicon Steel


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